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As life returns to the post-2020 normal here in the U.S., one question sits firmly on my mind. How will people who lived paycheck to paycheck and struggled financially through the pandemic, going to regain their financial footing?

When 2020 threw us the mother of all curveballs, our lives stopped and did a full 360. People lost jobs or had to give up jobs in order to supervise virtual school, businesses closed, toilet paper was the new gold, the circulation of money, on which this country is based slowed and the most horrific, so many lives were lost. …

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The silence and lonely experience of any form of sexual abuse, can leave its victim confused, ashamed and guilt ridden, which can find them being victims over and over again. Continuing a vicious cycle that can break the most beautiful of spirits. This reality is one had by 35-year-old author, Jheanell Reynolds, who chose to share the experiences she endured, from her teens to adulthood. She was sexually abused, she is a survivor and this is her story.

Jheanell describes her family of three brothers, two nieces, one nephew and her now deceased parents, with the admiration reminiscent of a…

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Over the past 20 years a trend has been emerging and gaining traction. Alcoholism in women. Most notably among moms as we now live in the ‘mommy wine culture’. This struggle never begins as a struggle, instead, usually it starts guised as a way to wine down after surviving the parental battlefield of either the day or the week or maybe sometimes, it begins as a social vice. However, what begins as an innocent well-deserved glass of wine, for some, can become anything but relaxing, with mom’s finding themselves on the destructive end alcoholism. Another leg of abuse, substance abuse.

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Abuse. That one word just made your heart beat a little faster and caused your body to shift uncomfortably. Think of it for a second, if the word ‘Abuse’ made you uncomfortable, imagine what the children, women, and men enduring abuse feel every day of their lives.

It is a subject where, as a society we find solace in donating, retweeting, picketing, sharing, even changing our social status to lend our voices to the cause. Whether that cause falls under substance abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect/abandonment. We all want to help. …

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Across the U.S, clinical postpartum depression is reported at a rate of 10%-20% among new mothers. 1 in 7 women will experience postpartum depression in some form and 70% — 80% of mothers experience ‘Baby Blues’. This is adapted from Postpartum Depression, one of the many sites I came across during my research on the subject. The information may seem like numbers to you but, for many women, myself included, those numbers spell our names.

The topic of Postpartum Depression is very taboo in the African American Community, because of this, many black women do not seek the help they…

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I had the most thought-provoking couple of weeks as I got to sit and chat with five people of color all from varying backgrounds, sharing their individual views on the topic of racism and inequality. Their voices may have been Individual but, carried a unified message — It is time for change.

One of these amazing people was a High School English teacher who has eight years under her belt, who wishes to be go by the name ‘Nicole’. Nicole’s interview was amazing, she spoke from a place of knowledge and confidence.


Our conversation…

The shift is being felt — as passion meets purpose and focus, our voices are one. Be it spoken or written, together we work as parts of a simple yet intricate whole, all with one goal — To ensure that all are treated as they were created…Equally.

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“Being born in a country whose population is predominantly black, there are consistent black influences that encourage you to strive for greatness and in turn secure a belief that anything is attainable and all possibilities are endless” ~ Adrian

That was the confident opening statement, that began my conversation with Adrian, one of…

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The topic of racism is a thought provoking, emotionally invoking, live ongoing plot, of a very tragic autobiography for people of color globally. Across America today, we have witnessed all people collectively ban together to say, ‘Enough is Enough’. The same can be said for the voices heard across nations. In London, Paris, Amsterdam, Seoul — the support is overwhelming and welcomed, as they raise their voices in support of Black Live Matter. Together, they call for social equality and an end to the racial injustices that have seen so many black lives lost to its imbalances.

Recently, I had…

Young man, who are you? Young man what are you? Young man what is your desire? I am an educated, insightful, strong young man who happens to be black, in America. This carries with it, a distinction of being ‘lesser’, than my less melanated brothers. This pushes me, to aim high, seek knowledge and achieve all of which, my forefathers fought to provide me. However…none of those things are my desire instead, what is to be treated as an equal and not to suffer at the hands of prejudgment.~ Black Man What Is Your Desire (creative prompt by The Pheonix)

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“I believe our current climate is one that is perpetual, it is cyclical in nature” those were the words spoken by Ms. Dara N. McCoy — Certified Holistic Wellness Specialist and a Candidate for a Masters in Spirituality Culture and Health. As the President of her undergraduate chapter of the NAACP, Ms. McCoy was an informational treat to sit with to discuss a topic, which we have a shared passion — Racism and the breaking point we are reaching today.

It is no secret, that racism and inequality are still very much alive. Over the past couple of weeks, we…

Sharllah Brewster

As a writer I am expressive, creative and unique in my approach in relaying a story. I invite my readers along as I capture each moment in words.

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